Cotton Candy Sky

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on
Painted colors atop
Streaks of pink and blue
I can't help but stop
And gaze at such a wonder
It's amazing how I'm merely a speck
On this painting that I stand under 
Pink and blue
Watching them turn a different hue
How they blend so seamlessly
I'm awestruck as I stare dreamily
Seems so surreal 
It's hard to fathom such a sight is real
This painting has majestic splendor 
It's all thanks to our Creator

Head Space

Photo by Anni Roenkae on
Let me into your head space
Let me listen to the thoughts your mind creates
I wanna hear the gears grind
I wanna know what goes on in that beautiful mind
Expose to me your organized chaos
Even the thoughts you find dross
Show me the paths of your thought process
Even if they should digress
Allow me to embrace
Your resplendent head space