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I couldn't see myself staring back at me
It was nothing but a blank stare
When I would see myself standing there
It wasn't until I saw my true reflection
That I saw perfection
Courage and intelligence
Beauty and elegance 
I stare with such reverence 
The reflection staring back at me
Wasn't me, you see
It was you 

Skewed World

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Warm sun
Carefree fun
 Outside all day
Enjoying the time I had to play
Wandering alone in the store
Deciding what item I wanted more
As a kid, this was the world I once knew
A world which wasn’t skewed
Today, a skewed world is what we have
Where differences divide us into halves
Where senseless acts of violence is all we see
I guess freedom isn’t so free
The land that was built on diversity
Sees ignorance and immaturity
When someone is ridiculed and despised for being who they are
Seems the end result is a death toll and a broken heart
How did this world become so skewed?
Is it because love has become obscured?
This skewed world that’s so divided
Must come together and be united
Stop the madness
Live in peace, love and happiness

Head Space

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Let me into your head space
Let me listen to the thoughts your mind creates
I wanna hear the gears grind
I wanna know what goes on in that beautiful mind
Expose to me your organized chaos
Even the thoughts you find dross
Show me the paths of your thought process
Even if they should digress
Allow me to embrace
Your resplendent head space

Love Forevermore

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I love you more than you know
From the tip of my tongue
To the depths of my soul
Through the highs and the lows
Together we will grow
I’ll always be by your side
You need not fear being alone
Because I’m here to love you forevermore


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Looking through the lens of a pessimist
Feeling life's deficit 
Storms raging
Emotions waging
Feeling diluted
Peace eluded
Soul exhausted
Hope halted 
Energy depleted
Strength weakened
When there is no forward motion
And happiness seems like a far off notion
Now is the time
To rest and realign


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I’ll love you in the dark
I’ll love you in the light
I’ll love you in the pain
I’ll love you in delight
I’ll love you in the imperfections
I’ll love you in the mistakes 
I’ll love you in good health
I’ll love you in the aches
I’ll love you in the whole
I’ll love you in the broken
With these words
My heart has spoken


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Shackled wrist
Shackled ankles
Your spirit is mangled
These chains that hold you down 
Taking you under 
Feeling like your going to drown
Tugging and pulling
With yourself, you're constantly dueling
You're wondering will this battle ever end
Wondering if you will ascend
These chains feel hopeless
But all you need to do is focus
You have the power
Realize you no longer have to cower 
Grasp for freedom
Conquer the demons
No longer do you need these chains
Rise up 
And take the reins 

The House of Sorrow

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The house of sorrow only knows pain
With constant clouds and pouring rain
The house of sorrow feels so heavy
It can barely hold steady
The house of sorrow is filled with tears
That seem to have been flowing for years
The house of sorrow is abundant in misery
Leaving only the wish for liberty 
The house of sorrow is ever consuming
Like the dark shadows looming

The Gauntlet

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I dare you to try something new
I dare you to challenge 
What you thought you knew
I dare you to be bold
I dare you to question 
Everything you've been told
I dare you to be fearless
I dare you to raise your spirits
I dare you to rise
I dare you to recognize
The power within you 
Harness it and make a breakthrough 
I dare you to reach your zen
I dare you to live again

Veil of Darkness

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In the darkness we thrive
Where misery derives
Behind the black veil we bloom
With the skeletons we exhume
In the shadows we find comfort
When gaiety is cumbered 
The darkness is a close friend 
In the darkness we will always descend