A Civil Stand

Photo by David Peterson on Pexels.com
You want your voice to be heard?
Don't be another sheep in the herd
You want to make a difference?
Look in the mirror and find what's missing
You want to protest?
That's fine
Just leave out the crime 
There's already enough violence and rage
Don't be the next to end up in a cage
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness" 
As Martin Luther King Jr. once said
So let's take a civil stand instead
Let us be divided no more
Let us not begin the next civil war
Let us stand hand in hand
Side by side
This is true American Pride


Photo by Isaac Weatherly on Pexels.com
Looking through the lens of a pessimist
Feeling life's deficit 
Storms raging
Emotions waging
Feeling diluted
Peace eluded
Soul exhausted
Hope halted 
Energy depleted
Strength weakened
When there is no forward motion
And happiness seems like a far off notion
Now is the time
To rest and realign