The House of Sorrow

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The house of sorrow only knows pain
With constant clouds and pouring rain
The house of sorrow feels so heavy
It can barely hold steady
The house of sorrow is filled with tears
That seem to have been flowing for years
The house of sorrow is abundant in misery
Leaving only the wish for liberty 
The house of sorrow is ever consuming
Like the dark shadows looming

The Gauntlet

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I dare you to try something new
I dare you to challenge 
What you thought you knew
I dare you to be bold
I dare you to question 
Everything you've been told
I dare you to be fearless
I dare you to raise your spirits
I dare you to rise
I dare you to recognize
The power within you 
Harness it and make a breakthrough 
I dare you to reach your zen
I dare you to live again

Veil of Darkness

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In the darkness we thrive
Where misery derives
Behind the black veil we bloom
With the skeletons we exhume
In the shadows we find comfort
When gaiety is cumbered 
The darkness is a close friend 
In the darkness we will always descend


Photo by Elina Krima on
You don't know my grief
You don't know my pain
You don't know my demons that drive me insane
You don't know my fears
You don't know my doubts
You don't know how sometimes I wish I could block it all out
You don't know what it's like to be me
You don't know what it's like to walk in my shoes
You don't know what it's like to feel beaten, broken down and bruised 
No one will ever understand what it's like to live in this solitude

This Water

Photo by DCornier
Rushing Water
Ever changing
Ever flowing
This rushing water
Where is it going?
Does it flow and then ebb?
Or does it continue instead?
Rushing but soothing
So peaceful and moving
Powerful and cleansing
So crisp and refreshing
This rushing water is cool and clear
It will always draw me near