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Hello everyone! First, let me begin by saying thank you for showing my poetry blog some love :). I really appreciate it. I honestly didn’t expect much when I started posting my poems but I am happy it turned out well for its second day being live. I actually started this project last October but it was it ended up being on pause until this week. I just woke up Monday dead set on picking up where I left off and I am glad I did! Ever had that moment where you were in the zone and time just got away before you knew it? That was me and I’d have to say it’s been a good while since I have been that focused on something. I definitely enjoyed my time though. There’s more where these poems came from most of which are scribbled on pieces of paper (i.e. receipt paper, paper bags, etc..). It’s time to convert them to the digital age. Better late than never right?

As my blog continues to grow, I will add some backstories to these pieces of my work as they were written during my most joyous and dark times. Being introverted, I usually don’t expose myself so deeply and so quickly to just anyone but, it’s time to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. I realized that this gift wasn’t given to me for just me. I believe I am to share this poetry with others because you never know who might need to hear words of comfort or strength. The gift of poetry is one of the most intimate and priceless gifts you can give someone as it lives on forever in the hearts of those we touched.

On that note, I bid you all adieu for now but stay tuned for more to come. 🙂

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